Monday, May 09, 2005

I Heart My Friends

One of the few positive aspects of the past few weeks has been the vivid reminder of why I loved college so much: I have awesome friends. The lack of responsibility and free-flowing alcohol were really just fringe benefits. My friends were what made those 3.5 years in St Louis so phenomenal. I've spoken to and email with so many of those wonderful people in the past few weeks. Some of the people I've been talking to are individuals who I had been close to, but lost touch with. Some are people I had never gotten to know very well. It doesn't seem to matter how close we were in college. Circumstances have brought out the best in everybody. I keep realizing over and over again how lucky I am to have gone to WashU and become friends with these people. Even Allan and Mikey.

In contrast, I just had a bizarre little Friendster experience which reminded me why I disliked high school, and the people in it, as violently as I did. I got a friend request from a guy I haven't spoken to since I was 19 or so. We had been friends, in that "he liked me but didn't want to be seen with me" kind of way. My high school was full of people like that. Still, when I got the friend request, I thought, "Cool. Maybe he's grown up enough to put all that high school bullshit behind him," and accepted the request. When he wasn't added to my list of friends, I figured that Friendster malfunctioned, which it frequently does, and so I sent a friend request to him. Imagine my surprise when my friend request was declined. After all, he tracked me down.

So, I have only the following to say...

To that particular high school classmate: Grow up, man.

To my college friends: You rock.

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