Wednesday, August 24, 2005

That Toddlin' Town

Today, I was sitting and waiting for the bus- something I have done innumerable times. I waited at that bus stop when I was a little adolescent Cara, going to Michigan Avenue to meet up with friends. I waited at that bus stop when I was a teenage Cara and didn't have a ride to school. I waited at that bus stop as an adult Cara, going to work, or going out at night. The thought went through my brain that in a week's time, I won't be waiting for any more buses at that bus stop anymore.

As I was waiting for the bus to come back home, two tourist mothers and their tourist daughters were standing and looking at a map, trying to figure out where they were in relation to the Sears Tower, and how to get there. Overhearing their discusson, I pointed them in the right direction, and gave them a few options for getting there. As they walked away, I realized two things: first, I'd forgotten that there was a bus that would take them directly to the Sears Tower, and two, that in a week's time, I'm going to be the tourist wondering which bus to take to my destination.

I love Chicago. Knowing that I'm leaving has made me realize just how much I love this city and what a Chicago girl I am. I've been spending so much time saying goodbye to my family and friends. How am I going to say goodbye to the city itself?

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