Monday, October 08, 2007

Polling Places Now Closed

Props to the very few people who read this and offered suggestions for the boyfriend's blog name. I thank you for your suggestions, and have decided not to go with any of them. I would particularly like to thank Anonymous Sibling's anonymous boyfriend (also known as Jeremy).

I am now bestowing upon my wonderful boyfriend the codename "H-Bomb". The reason for this is simply that this is the very silly name he likes to use when singing karaoke, and Karaoke Wednesdays were a strong contributing factor to his reeling me in over the course of the summer.

And for those who are fascinated by my love life (or the fact that I suddenly have one), I can honestly say that after spending the entire chag-filled month of Tishrei together, I am still not tired of H-Bomb's company. More amazingly, he isn't sick of me either. And really, at this stage of a relationship, what more could you ask for?

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