Friday, September 16, 2005

Foreign Policy Announcement

Cara's World Ministry of Foreign Affairs hereby declares Spanish to be an official language of business. This policy went into effect as of 9:00am this morning, when yours truly found herself called upon to help translate instructions into Spanish. My services as translator (luckily, I'm only the lovely assistant as far as translating is concerned. My spanish is too rusty for me to do a good job on my own) will also be needed on shabbos, if any of the South Americans come to the parsha hashavua shiur tomorrow afternoon.

My nine years of spanish are proving increasingly useful. Not only can I make friends with the South Americans (who already like me because I play futbol), but my closest friend so far is Luciana the Brazilian, and we can switch into Spanish when we want to speak without the children understanding. I never really thought that high school would come in handy. I also never thought I'd come to ulpan to practice my spanish.

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