Thursday, November 18, 2004

Catching Up

It occured to me that there are a few things I wanted to post, but never got around to doing so. Or rather, the lunatic alien stand-in that was posing as me during the past week never got around to doing so. Let's see if I can remedy that a bit.

The Israeli Film Festival review: I ended up seeing 3 films and one documentary. I've already said something about Tza'ad Katan, so I won't say anything else other than GO SEE THIS FILM. Here are the other three:
Chaim Ze Chaim, a.k.a. Life is Life: Also excellent, but I probably would have enjoyed it even more if i hadn't begun at 9:45 at night. It's a very ironic comedy that seems extremely light-hearted, but actually has a great deal of depth to it. Two thumbs up.
Arutzim Shel Za'am, a.k.a. Channels of Rage: This was mind-blowing. It's a documentary about the hip-hop/rap scene in Tel Aviv, focusing on Subliminal and T.N. It pretty much presents the rap underground as a microcosm of the entire political situation. It's one of the most fascinating and provoking films I think I've ever seen. And I don't even like hip-hop or rap all that much.
Sof HaOlam Smola, a.k.a. Turn Left At The End Of The World: Another winner. This is probably the funniest of the 4 films, but I wouldn't call it a comedy. Like Tza'ad Katan, it makes you laugh and makes you cry, and makes you very glad you carved the time out of your busy little life to watch it. Kind of like Fiddler on the Roof. Is this some special characteristic of Jewish movies, or do I just have great instincts about what to go see?

The Application: It's going fairly well right now. I'm awaiting a critique of one essay, and making some progress on another. I'm also waiting to hear from the people who agreed to write my recommendations. I'm also working on my resume. I'm a busy little bee.

Other Things in Cara's World: My grandmother's yahrzeit is on Sunday, but I may just write more about that in another post. I feel pretty ridiculous over the way Alien-Cara has reacted (or in some cases, over-reacted) to things in the past week. I need to learn to stay far away from telephones and email when I know that I'm prone to over-reacting. I wouldn't feel quite so dumb afterwards, because I always manage to snap myself out of whatever's bothering me in 24-36 hours. I also need to learn how to avoid repeating past mistakes, and winding up in bad situations that I've been in before. I also need to learn when to just let go.

That should be enough for now. As you can tell, my mind has been way too active lately. I really wish I'd been built with an off switch.

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