Monday, June 05, 2006

A Day In The Life

My random summer job is perhaps one of the most random that I have ever held. More random than a polisci major working for a genetics education outreach program. I work as the Jack-of-All-Trades for a new culinary consultant start-up. I'm supposedly the office manager, sometimes called the Administrative Assistant, but really I do whatever is needed. Expense reports? Done. Build shelves from Ikea that destroy my manicure? Done. Research the latest food trends involving pickles?


Yes, that's right. Today I am researching that oft-overlooked, but oh-so-enjoyable food: the pickle. Who eats pickles? What are the nutritional benefits of pickles? Are there particular food trends- ethnic or otherwise- that involve pickles?

Just when I think my life has hit its limit for bizarre, I get asked to research pickles.

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