Wednesday, September 15, 2004

And So It Begins...

It's erev Rosh Hashana, my challah is rising for the second time, and I find myself with a little bit of down time before I must leave for the office. So I sit here, with my new and extremely adorable kitty Calvin on my lap, and I do what I do best...think.

It's been one hell of a year here in Cara's World. I know that there were times when life didn't seem so great. There were obviously periods of "Meh" because I know that I blogged about them. Yet now, as I try to recall the past year, I can't think of what those negative times were all about. All that comes to mind are my family and my friends, both new and old, which reminds me of what I've already realized: Life is about the people in it.

As 5764 comes to a close, and we all look ahead to 5765, I find myself looking beyond that to 5766. Where will Cara be then? B'li neder, Cara will be in Israel. While many decisions are not yet made, I've managed to make up my mind about one. I will not be applying to graduate school this year.

That means that I have this coming year, 5765, to decide how to get myself to Israel, and what to do with myself once I get there. More than that, it means I need to make sure that I appreciate everything and everyone that I'll be leaving in the United States. Though I deeply envy my friends who have just made aliyah, or who will soon be leaving for the Holy Land, I know that this isn't my time yet. The desire is there, but I'm not ready. So I have a year to get myself ready, in every possible way.

But before I can leave 5764 behind me, there is something that I ask from all of you, whomever and wherever you may be. I've written a great many things since I created my little world here, some serious, some sarcastic, and some just downright silly. If anything I have written, whether on my blog or on yours, has offended you, shamed you, or hurt you in any way, I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.

May 5765 be a year of bracha, simcha, chazuk and shalom for you all, and for your loved ones. A year of blessing, of joy, of strength, and of peace.

And as for me? L'shana haba b'Yerushalayim!

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