Monday, September 13, 2004


Not only has my own blog posting time been limited lately, but so too has my blog reading time. For this reason, I did not know until a few minutes ago that one of my favorite blogs is shutting down.

Mo-C is retiring. Or at least taking a sabbatical from his MoChassid blog. He'll still have others, but this one will be no more. And this saddens me.

I first came across Mo-C's blog through Velvel, earlier in my blogging career. While he and I may not always agree (particularly on matters pertaining to men, women, and friendships between the two), his blog and his comments have always been worth reading. Unlike yours truly, Mo-C wrote about issues that actually matter. I'm just another ego-centric blogger who decided that other people need to know what I'm thinking. He actually wanted to make other people think.

To Mo-C, I hope this is merely a respite from blogging. I, for one, will miss your perspective on the Jewish world.

To the rest of us in the blogosphere, I hope we can somehow fill the void left by Mo-C's absence. Maybe the time has come for us to rise to the challenge, and to use our blogging powers for good instead of evil.

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