Friday, February 04, 2005

My Week In Review

Monday: I don't really remember much about Monday.
Tuesday: I worked out for the first time in over a year. All credit goes to Becky, for making me get off my lazy little tuchas to begin with.
Wednesday: I learned that I have a personal banker, and spent some time with my favorite toddler.
Thursday: My morning bus ride was disrupted by the most trivial accident ever (more to come on this later), I had a fascinating and exciting conversation with the Special Assistant to the Comptroller, and had a lovely dinner with my parents.
Friday: I spent this morning at a funeral. It was the first non-Jewish funeral that I have been to in 13 years. Now it's time to go home and get ready for shabbos. It's kind of a strange juxtaposition.

At some point in the past week, I also drove past a bus filled entirely with people dressed like circus clowns. I don't know where, when, or why, but I do know that I saw it.

A felicitous sabbath day to you all!

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