Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend Report

I didn't actually do much over the weekend. I was a bit under the weather, so I mainly slept and dozed and snuggled with my kitty cats. Despite the lethargy, there are three weekend highlights (in order of occurrence):

Spending time with Allie: We hadn't seen each other in over a month. We're fixing that this week, and having Allie-Cara time on Wednesday.

Unexpected phone call: I was on the phone around 10:45pm motzei shabbos, and my other line beeped. I recognized the rabbi's cell phone number, and quickly got off the other line. After all, if the rabbi is calling me two days after his wife had a baby, it must be something important, right? It actually turned out to be the rabbi's wife, calling me from the hospital. Turns out that the rabbi brought their daughters, Shayna and Cara, to the hospital to visit their mother and new baby brother. At one point, the rabbi asked his younger daughter (who is not yet 2 years old), "Cara, can I tickle your pulkes?" Little Cara answered with a very straight face, "No. Just Big Cara." The rabbi and Rachel had a good laugh, and Rachel decided that she had to call me (a.k.a. Big Cara)to tell me the story. She also told me that in the mornings, when Little Cara wakes up, she asks, "Where's Abba?" Her mother replies, "At shul." Little Cara then asks, "With Big Cara?"

Unexpected discovery: My mother has already begun clearing out unnecessary books, preparing for the fast-approaching day when I no longer live at home. My bedroom is going to become an office. In the course of her clearing out the bookshelves, she came across some treasures. Among them are my father's first Hebrew primer and the siddur that my mother carried at her wedding, and several books of tehillim that were my grandmother's. She also found a haggadah from Adar 1937, given to my 2 year old uncle by one of his little friends, less than a month before my family left Jerusalem to come to America. And the best of them all is a haggadah of my grandparents' from before they left Germany. Tucked inside the haggadah is the document of the sale of their chametz from Pesach 1934, their last Pesach in Germany.

I may not have felt very well, but it turned out to be an amazing weekend anyway. I'm still not feeling 100%, but I started my work week by talking to Foreign Correspondent Arliss. I really can't think of a better way to kick off my week.

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