Monday, March 07, 2005

Chasing the Sunshine

Ever notice how one piece of bad news can completely overshadow an otherwise great period of time?

In the week or so since my last post, I was busy and happy. Work was going well, and I was being productive. I even went down to the state capital to do some lobbying. Every day brought something new and interesting.

Then it was shabbos, and I just relaxed and spent quality time with family and friends.

Sunday was beautiful. Over 50’s degrees and sunny, which was a most welcome change from the cold and yuck that we’d had here last week. I spent most of my day outside, roaming around my neighborhood, enjoying the pretty weather. Later, I met up with my buddy Jake, and continued to roam around. I headed home only to change clothes before going out for dinner with my family, to celebrate my parental units’ upcoming 32nd wedding anniversary. Everything was cheerful and happy in Cara’s World.

And then the phone rang. My sweet and beautiful friend Liz, who I will be visiting this coming weekend, isn’t doing as well as we’d hoped. The tumor is spreading and growing, despite the ongoing chemo.

It seems rather appropriate that today is chilly and cloudy, because that’s exactly how I feel. Ironically, there was a moment yesterday when I was very much aware of how happy I was, and how wonderful my life seemed. Now I’m struggling to recall that feeling and fighting to overcome my very natural, and overwhelming, fears and worries.

(Management Update: This has apparently manifested itself in an unpredictable and difficult mood. The Management would like to publicly thank Arliss and send him many electronic hugs for putting up with me and making me laugh.)

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