Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh boy, Purim!

That's when I'm a Viking!!
(Turns out I don't look half bad as a blonde...)

UPDATE: So far, the highlight of the Great Blonde Experiment has to be walking into the all-staff meeting at 9:00am dressed in full Viking costume. The Associate V.P. of my department helped take pictures, with orders that they are to be put up in the staff kitchen.

Surprisingly enough, more than one person asked me last night if the golden blonde curls were natural. One person was probably hitting on me. Another was probably drunk. I mean, the synthetic wig looks good, but not that good. Of the people who know me, and know that I'm naturally as far from blonde as can be, several did not recognize me. This, of course, was the entire point. I also got some very earnest feedback from relatively sober people that I should consider dyeing my hair blonde. This idea will be sent to the Ministry of Regrettable Decisions for further deliberation.

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