Sunday, March 20, 2005

Weekend Report

Apparently it really is spring now, because my social hibernation seems to have ended this weekend.

Shabbos was spent primarily in the company of a guy I'd met in the Old City, when I was on my vacation in August. He's been in the States for the past couple of months, came to visit friends in Chicago, and magically appeared at my shul. I didn't get my normal shluffy, but I did have a very nice walk along the lakefront.

Motzei shabbos was spent in the company of Sam, some of his friends, and some Maker's Mark (well, I was drinking bourbon. Sam's more of a vodka person). I haven't gone out and stayed out that late in a very long time. This must change.

Sunday started a bit too early for my taste, particularly since I was running on a little sleep and a little hangover. But I was up and showered and pretty and ready for Emily's bridal shower, which I was co-hosting with her mother. Everything went smoothly, and a good time was had by all. Then Em and I drove out to the strip mall wasteland known as the suburbs, and met with the people doing the music at the wedding. Forty-five minutes later, we drove back to civilization, she dropped me off at home, and I went right back out again to have dinner with Sam.

And now I'm home. Time to bake hamentaschen with my mother.

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