Thursday, April 21, 2005

Last Post Before Pesach

I love Pesach. I always have. Maybe that's because Pesach always seemed synonymous with Birthday when I was little (although I've never been less enthused about my birthday before. There's just nothing very special about turning 24). Maybe because I get to see so much of my family. Who knows? Whatever the reason, I love Pesach. I don't even mind the cleaning. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I'm done, and the whole apartment is shining and gleaming.

Since I will be too busy cleaning and cooking for shabbos and yontiv for the next day and a half, you will all have to do without me until Tuesday or so. For those curious about my life at the moment:

1) I'm fine. Just not very chatty.
2) I sent my Kibbutz Ulpan application in today. I have yet to figure out a)why they need 4 passport-size photos of me, and b)why passport photos always come out even less flattering than driver's license photos.

A chag kasher v'sameach to you all, wherever you may be. Spend some time with people you love. There's no better way to celebrate.

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