Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sketchy Guy Award

Tonight was the celebration of Big Brother's 27th birthday. Since I adore my Big Brother, I joined him, his lovely girlfriend, and a rather large group of his friends at a nearby bar. At one point in the evening, when I was conversing with Big Brother's Girlfriend (BBG), an unknown drunken male approached us, and began talking with BBG. After a brief moment, the following conversation took place (slightly cleaned up for family audiences):

Unknown Drunk: So, where are you from?"
BBG: I'm from here...and I'm here with my boyfriend.
(BBG soon walks off to talk to one of Big Brother's college buddies. Unknown Drunk continues to ogle.)
Unknown Drunk: Man, she's got a great tuchas.
Blog: Yes, and she's dating my brother.
Unknown Drunk: Well, your brother's girlfriend has a great tuchas.

At this point, despite having already made his sketchiness clear to the unaided eye, Unknown Drunk continues to ogle my brother's girlfriend, right in front of me. He finally seems to realize that he is being quite rude to me, and asks me my name, despite having asked only moments before. I suppose I should be insulted that he obviously didn't consider me cute enough to flirt with, but my world has met its Player quota for the foreseeable future.

Still, for his rather blatant efforts, Cara's World bestows upon him the Sketchy Guy of the Weekend Award. He definately earned it.

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