Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend Update

Shabbos night: Went to shul, played in the playroom with the rabbi's daughters, had dinner with the parental units and Big Brother, and went to the shalom zachor for Joe and Gila's extremely cute baby boy. People seemed to enjoy (read: inhale) my pecan pie. People also seem like to quote Billy Crystal when they see pecan pie.

Shabbos day: Overslept. Got to shul, and ended up talking with an old friend about some very sticky personal issues. I can only hope I said the right things. Turned down a lunch invitation, went home to enjoy a nice quiet lunch at the parental abode, and then shluffed on the sofa for 4 hours. Had an ice-cream sundae at shalosh seudos.

Motzei shabbos: Stayed home and amused myself with my laptop and a book.

Sunday: Slept in. Went to the bris of little Azriel Yaakov, hereby dubbed "The Wizard". Played with the rabbi's daughters and Adin. (Why is it always so much more fun hanging out with kids? Or, rather, why is adult chit-chat so mind-numbingly boring?) Spent time with Big Brother. Went out to dinner with the parental units, Big Brother, and BBG.

All in all, a nice quiet, relaxing weekend. Me likey.

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