Monday, July 16, 2007

I Heart Killer Squirrels

I realize that I've neglected to post Snayim stats for Week 6, as well as for yesterday's game. I'll get to it later. I really just wanted to take a minute to say how much I love my team.

I joined the Snayim because I wanted to play softball. My pal Eric asked if I wanted to play, I said yes. Easy. I only knew a couple of other people on my team. I realized after the first week that it was a great chance to meet some new people (something I really need to do) and get out more. And these people are fantastic.

What makes me rhapsodize about the Snayim right now? In a nutshell, they care. My very good friend Elizabeth lost her grandmother, a"h, this past Shabbat. I sent an email out at 9:35 this morning to the team, with shiva information. By 9:41, I had four responses from people who wanted to go, and were offering to drive so that others could go as well. Only one of those people had really been friends with Elizabeth before the softball season, and he and I had already discussed carpooling the previous night.

In other words, it took people a total of 6 minutes to decide to go to the shiva of the grandmother of a girl they've known for less than two months, whom they see once a week. And since it's so early in the day, and the week, I have no doubt that there will be more emails coming from other Snayim.

Maybe this seems like nothing to an outside reader. But for someone who's been feeling socially disconnected, and disheartened about the difficulty of forging new, strong friendships, the past 20 minutes have been heart-warming.

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