Friday, July 06, 2007

Snayim Stats- Week 5

Ok, so this is a bit late, but...


That's right, folks, the Killer Snayim have finally won a game! And this was a very important game, too. In the time-honored fashion of Jewish singledom, this game was replete with drama. Two of the male Snayim had ex-girlfriends on the opposite team, creating that "must win" drive we needed. The competition going into the game was fierce (and I'm not being sarcastic here), to the point that one of the Snayim recruited a former college baseball player to join our pack (temporarily), just in case we were short a player.

It was a beautiful game. We simply crushed them, winning 11-1 by slaughter rule. And it wasn't just that they were really bad...we also happened to play really well. All of the little fielding errors and overthrows that had cost us bases and runs in previous weeks miraculously disappeared. We were like a well-oiled machine. The one run that got by us had been hit so hard into left field that there was really no way we could have gotten it back to the infield in time. It was a legit homerun (or as legit as a homerun can be in 16" Jewish Federation softball).

Fielding highlight: we managed to turn a double play. It was gorgeous. Puurrrrrrr.

The Killer Snayim are now 1-4. This week's enemy is 2-3, but rumor has it that one of those wins was by forfeit, so we should be evenly matched. Time to stretch our winning streak!

Personal stats: I went 3-3 this week. At my first at bat, I sent the ball sailing over the shortstop's head. It taught her not to underestimate the little girl with the big bat. My other two hits were actually pretty weak, but I somehow got on base anyway. I did accomplish something unprecedented at practice last night: I learned how to make the ball go where I want it to. If I don't choke under pressure this week, maybe I can knock in a few RBIs.

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