Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Snayim Stats- Weeks 6 & 7

Being behind on my sports reporting, I'm lumping in the past two weeks of softball. I'm guessing that, since none of you particularly care how my team does, none of you particularly care about a lumped post.

Week 6: This one was a heart-breaker. We quickly found ourselves down a few runs, something like 4-1. And then it was more like 7-1. And then, in the very last inning, we had a late rally...and ended up 2 short. Final score: 7-5. But it was a good game nonetheless.

Week 7: WE WON!! Like the week before, we soon found ourselves down a few. Like 6-1. I, personally, played as though I'd never had an opposable thumb before and couldn't quite figure out how to work it. Then we scored 6 in one inning. Now it's 7-6 Snayim. Then we scored more. Final score: 13-7.

So, we go into the final game of the season with a 2-5 record, playing against an 0-7 team. I've been practicing using my opposable thumbs every day, so maybe I won't suck quite as much this time.

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