Friday, November 19, 2004

How Cara Got Her Groove Back

I had planned on turning my brain off for most of last night, and for a while it seemed to be working. Then again, it's pretty easy not to use your brain too much when you spend your night watching cartoons. One of the best parts of having way too many television channels is having a cartoon channel that plays the old school Spider Man and X-Men shows. Mindless, harmless entertainment at it's best...and the good guy always wins.

Soon, however, it was past my bedtime, so I turned off the cartoons...and my brain turned back on. A strange thing happened though. I guess giving my brain a few hours off gave it a chance to recharge, or at least remember a few things that I had forgotten. Then I came across an old journal from my college days. It's actually the only journal I ever kept in college, and I only kept it for two months during the second half of my sophomore year. Even though I thought I knew exactly what I would find, I sat down and read it. The end result turned out far different than I'd thought: I found my self-esteem again. I guess I'd dropped it a week or so ago, and it rolled beneath my dresser. So now I've wiped it off and made it all clean and shiny and new-looking, and put it in my pocket. (Figuratively, of course. Most of my skirts don't have pockets) I'm planning on holding on to it for a while.

Damn, but it's good to be back!

(Management Update: In honor of Cara getting her groove back, and in recognition that it has been far too long since we celebrated Dumb Quiz Friday, please enjoy the following:
Which Marvel Comic Superhero Are You?
Normally I would tell you my results...but that would force me to reveal my secret identity, and that's against the rules.)

A most felicitous Sabbath to you all.

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