Friday, June 22, 2007

Should I Speak to My Financial Advisor?

My family has a long tradition of noticing ridiculous store names and signs, and then laughing at them. One classic was a nail salon with a neon sign stating "Nails: Head to Toe." In the obnoxiousness of childhood, I once called the salon and asked to make an appointment to have my head nails done (do Jews even have head nails? Or just horns?). I had to repeat the question 3 times before they hung up on me.

There's a clothing store that I walk past on a regular basis which keeps making me giggle. They seem to have very trendy clothes, but for some reason call the store "Buffalo Exchange." I can't help wondering:

How many clothes can I get in exchange for my buffalo? And if I decide to return the clothes, do I have to take the buffalo back?

I am so tempted to call...

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