Monday, June 18, 2007

Snayim Stats

We lost again. This one was really heartbreaking.

Top of the 1st:We started off the game batting first, and quickly put two runs on the board. I like to think this is partially due to the strategy session we had after Thursdays practice, conducted over pizza and beer (or hard cider and ice cream for us gluten-intolerants). The batting lineup will change from week to week, depending on who's able to come to the game. Originally, I was going to bat 2nd, but the league has a rule about how many boys can bat successively, so I ended up batting 3rd instead. Two outs, none on, and I hit a double. Andy bats after me, and brings me home. Andy makes it home before the inning ends. 2-0 Snayim.

Bottom of the 1st: the other guys score 2. (I'm playing 2nd base. Turns out I really like playing 2nd base, and I don't seem to be too awful at it). Tie game, 2-2.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings: We score, they score, we score, they score. We go into the top of the 5th down two runs. Score, 7-5.

Top of the 5th: We're back at the top of the order. Our lead-off man, John, makes a solid hit, an easy triple. He stretches it into a homer, taking out the catcher on his way. And dislocates his shoulder in the process. John goes off to the hospital, accompanied by his sister (also one of the Killer Snayim), and one of our outfielders. We're now down to only 3 girls, which violated league rules, but the ump lets us keep playing. We're all fairly rattled by John's sudden trip to the hospital, and the inning ends quickly. 7-6, we're down by one.

Bottom of the 5th: We just can't get our heads back in the game. They score several runs before there are any outs. Then they score more. And a few more. Score: 16-6. If we don't score in the next inning, we lose by slaughter rule.

6th inning: We manage to put one run back on, keeping us alive. And then give up two. Slaughter rule goes into effect, we lose 18-7.

This one really hurt. We'd been playing well until John's injury. But I can report that he's doing well, with no serious damage. One week in a sling, and then he'll be back out there.

For those who care, here are my personal stats for the game: Batting- 1/3 (1 double, 1 walk, 1 strikeout where I didn't even go down swinging). Fielding- 1 or 2 really solid plays, and 2 where the shortstop and I realized that we need to learn to communicate better. But at least I didn't drop the ball this week.

So ends week three. Next week, as John commands us, we'll "win one for the gimper!"

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