Monday, June 25, 2007

Snayim Stats- Week Four

We lost. Again.

We keep running into this problem in the first inning. We just don't really get our act together until we've been playing for a bit. Unfortunately, by that point, they've already put more runs on the board than we have.

First inning: We score 2. Although, in reality, my first at-bat did advance the runner, I was pretty disappointed in my puny hitting. Bottom half of the inning, they score 6. See above paragraph. This is a recurring issue. 6-2, them.

Second inning: We score 2. They score none. We feel better. 6-4, them.

Third inning: We score none. They score 1. We're determined to make up some of the deficit. 7-4, them

Fourth inning: We score 1. They score none. The gap is closing. 7-5, them.

Fifth inning: We score none. They score 4. This is not looking good. 11-5, them.

Sixth inning: We score 1. They score none. 11-6.

Seventh inning: We don't score. End of game, final score 11-6.

While this game certainly didn't have the excitement of last week's (which is good: means no trips to the hospital), it also lacked last week's momentum. Last week, the lead kept flipping up until John got hurt and we just fell apart. This week, the only time we had the lead was during the top of the first, because they hadn't gone to bat yet.

My personal stats were dismal. I was 0-3 this week. My fielding was pretty solid, though. And, I do have to note, for my last at--bat, the other team could be heard telling each other "Move back, she can hit!" That was soothing, especially since I didn't think my previous performances deserved such praise. The other noteworthy moment was after I relayed the ball from the right fielder to 3rd base, and heard the other team call out from the bench "Good throw!" I curtsied. They laughed.

Next week, I'm acting as captain, since our fearless leader will be out of town. I've never captained a softball team before. It'll be interesting to see how this goes.

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