Monday, February 02, 2004

Deep thoughts....?

Everyone, at some point in their childhood (preferably before they're old enough to be drafted), has the uncomfortable epiphany that other peoples' lives go on, even when they're not around to see it happening. I find it a far more bizarre notion that other people think when I'm not around. Consider it: every single person you know is thinking about something right now, and they're probably not thinking about you. They could be thinking about a tuna fish sandwich. Or perhaps contemplating Dubya's amazing resemblance to a monkey. Or perhaps attempting to decide if they would rather vote for Dubya, a monkey, or a tuna fish sandwich. Maybe they're not even thinking about tuna fish at all. Regardless, unless you happen to be a mind-reader, you have no way of knowing what other people are thinking.

This brings me to disturbing concept #2: mind-readers. What it they're real? What if that goofy-looking guy with the big nose on the bus can hear me thinking about how goofy-looking his big nose is? What if the thought-police actually are out there, and Big Brother really is watching? Have you ever thought about that? And if you have thought about it, and Big Brother does exist, then he knows that you've thought about it as well...

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