Monday, May 17, 2004

Another Not-So-Manic Monday

I realized, to my astonishment and regret, that Cara's World has been fairly silent since Wednesday. This is unacceptable. We'll try to do better. Strange, and somewhat sad, that it's so much easier to blog frequently when I'm meh than when I'm perfectly content. But I'll try.

We had a lovely weekend here in Cara's World. Shabbos was very, very quiet, full of beautiful shluffy and much curling up on the sofa with my kitty-cats (which always ends up requiring taking allergy medication, but oh well.) Motzei shabbos was equally restful, which made a relaxing change from the craziness of the past few weeks. I guess my Social Life is coming down from its sugar high. That's ok. There will be plenty of crazy fun this coming weekend in Cleveland. (I may have just become the first person to ever say that about Cleveland.)

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful here in Chi-town, and the day just got better. I went for a lovely solitary walk (more about that later), and then went home for 20 minutes, only to turn around and go back out. I had to pick up Cubs tickets from a friend, and we walked around in the sun for a bit. When we parted ways, I ran into an old friend and her son, whom I haven't seen in at least 6 months, so I went back to their place to catch up and play with the baby. From there I met up with Denise, and went for another, brisker walk, which ended at Joe and Gila's back door, in time for dinner, and the season finale of Charmed. My little legs were tired by the time I finally got home, but it was a happy tired. The funny part is that when I woke up Sunday morning, I had no plans, and nothing to do.

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