Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Weekend Report- Shabbos


This blog has to give major props, kudos, snaps, and maybe even a few gold star stickers to Prodly and Becky for their amazing display of organizational abilities. Somehow they got about 30 Jews, most of whom are young, stupid and/or single, to convene in Beachwood, Ohio for a "We Can't Believe Yosef is Actually Getting Married" Shabbaton...complete with a minyan, a Torah, a mechitzah, three cholents, chicken schnitzel, and an astonishing range of other foodstuffs. You guys rock!

By now, you, my faithful reader, should have caught on that shabbos was simply fantastic. The highlight would probably have to be shabbos lunch, and not just because of the three cholents. As Yosef was understandably the King of the weekend (complete with his own throne on wheels! But that was probably more because of his gimpy status), he declared that the meal was not over until every single person in the room (or their spouse) had given him a bracha. Some were funny, some were sweet, and, as one person pointed out, the most intelligent l'chaims were all given by women. It was just such a wonderful way to spend the shabbos before your friend's wedding. It also says quite a bit about Yosef, that so many people made the effort to spend the whole weekend in Ohio, rather than simply drive or fly in on Sunday in time for the wedding itself. I don't know exactly what it says about him, but I know it must say something.

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