Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Weekend Report- Saturday night

I know that some of the others found Beachwood/Cleveland to be a bit dull on Saturday night, but I didn't think it was so bad. Then again, I was also with a college friend who I hadn't seen since graduation. The first bar was very normal, with pool tables and 80's music. It also happened to be $1 Mixed Drink/Ladies Night, which might factor into why I liked the bar. I learned something important about myself there: I might be the worst pool player ever. My friend Matt says that pool is really just a matter of physics. I, apparently, have an amazing ability to defy physics, as there is no explanation whatsoever for why the little balls went where they did.

The second bar was rather weird. It was sort of underground, with dim lighting and dark wooden tables and chairs. It looked like an underground cafe, with a whole wall devoted to wine racks. The weird part was the 7-11 style refridgerators along a different wall, full of beer. It just didn't work for me. Neither, for that matter, did some of the people who joined us their. I just don't have much patience for rudeness, and I find it very rude for people to sit down at your table, not give their names (even though you gave yours), ignore you, and then call you by the wrong names when they deign to speak to you. But maybe that's just me.

All in all, motzei shabbos was great. It was fun seeing Matt, and learning how truly awful I am at pool. The weekend continues...

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