Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm An Innocent Nerdslut!

This one was just too funny. I had to post it. Really, I did.

What's your sexual appeal?
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There were a few questions that I really couldn't make up my mind about. So I went back and took the quiz again, to see what would happen. This time, it turns out I'm a...


Now, I have been told that my glasses give me a "cute librarian" kind of look. The intelligence and the thirst for knowledge part I'll accept. Now if it had only said "off-the-wall" charms instead of "wallflower"...

So when you combine the two, I'm a wide-eyed Anime wallflower (from what can be seen behind the glasses) who cuts loose while acting innocent, and is exciting and fun to the dirty old men who meet my high standards. Sweet!

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