Thursday, July 08, 2004

Who Am I? Where Am I? What...

I promised a weekend report, which I have yet to deliver. And so, here it is, in brief:

Friday: Cubs- Woo! Win- Woo! Sox- Woo! Lose- Woo!
Shabbos: Minyan at Joe's (more about this later), I got caught in the rain, and puzzled over the parsha.
Motzei Shabbos: I went dancing. It was great. One of my female friends from college (who I dearly wish lived in Chicago) came to visit, and we had quality girl time. Much, much needed girl time.
Sunday: The Crazy Cubbie Crew convened. First a BBQ. Then we watched the Cubs sweep the Sox. Then we went out to a bar, and decided to drive to Milwaukee the next day for another Cubs game.
Monday: 3rd Cubbie game in 4 days. I got attacked by pastrami, and did a few cartwheels.

I know this is a very quick synopsis, and I'll undoubtedly reflect more upon it in the future, but there are too many things running through my head again. Among them:
* Lashon hara. Speaking lashon hara against a community. How to let your friends vent, but still curb their lashon hara.
* Being one of the guys, but not being mistaken for a guy. This is an old problem. You'd think wearing skirts would somehow ameliorate this, but it really doesn't.
* Having fun, being young, and still liking myself in the morning. (I'm exaggerating)
* Being naive and cynical at the same time.
* Grad School. Must apply. Soon. But where?
* Israel. Have I mentioned that I'm leaving in 24 days?


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