Thursday, July 29, 2004

Shopping for Love

I apologize for the lack of posts in the past few days. It's been rather hectic here in my world. But since I'm about to leave you all for a few weeks while I go frolicking and scampering across the HL, I figure that I owe you an insight into my mind before I leave. This was the brilliant analogy that popped into my mind on my way home from a last-minute shopping excursion after work yesterday.

Finding the right guy really isn't all that different from finding the perfect outfit. Some outfits don't even inspire you to try them on. Some look great on the hanger, but simply don't fit you when you give them a try. Others actually fit fairly well and even look half-way decent, but you know deep down you'll never actually wear them, but will just leave them hanging in the closet. Still others fit well and look good, but are just more than you can afford. And then there are the last ones, those true finds that you simply have to have, because you know you'll regret it if you don't.

Of course, there are a few flaws in this analogy. When I go shopping, the clothing has no say in whether or not I take them home with me. And clothing has no feelings. Although I may, at times, experience regret, the clothing could not care less, and probably does not share that regret (Ok, so maybe this part does apply to guys).

Becky says I'm good luck when shopping. Yesterday I not only managed to find exactly what I was looking for, but I found it at 75% off the already marked-down price. So, as Becky pointed out, I may not have found the right guy (yet), but at least I've got a killer wardrobe!

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