Monday, July 19, 2004

Smashers Update

We won! Woohoo! We crushed the other team, and won by slaughter rule in three and a half innings. The game was over quickly enough that we decided to keep playing, unofficially, just for fun. And even then, the Smashers batted through the entire line-up in one 'inning'. But it gets even better than that...
I got on base! Twice! And this time, it was legitimate. Truth be told, I should have been out at first the second time, but the first baseman didn't make the catch. My first at-bat, however, was a gorgeous, MLB quality line drive over the third baseman's head, right down the baseline. They didn't stand a chance.
Next week is the last game of the regular season. Since I'll be frolicking in the Holy Land after that, I'll miss the playoffs, which makes this coming Sunday my last game. It's a little scary to think about how fast the summer is going by.
Smasher's record: 3-3. One game left. I already achieved my goal for the season, so I suppose there's nothing left to do but surpass it. I'm going for an extra-base hit. There will be no stopping me. I am a softball hitting machine.

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