Monday, October 04, 2004

Prodly's New Officemate

To my great surprise, my office plant, Prodly, is still alive. I can't say that he is flourishing, but at least he's not dead. He now has a companion: a pretty fern that I inherited from Avi.

It's a lucky fern. Avi inherited it from a friend who moved to Israel. Avi just moved to Israel a year or so later. Now the fern is mine.

So I've named it "Tizkoret," which means "reminder" (which I guess makes the fern a girl-plant. Only fair, since Prodly is a boy-plant). My reminder of the friend who gave Tizkoret to me, and everything I learned from him. My reminder that winter doesn't last forever, and that summer isn't really that far away. My reminder that I will make it to Israel if I want it badly enough.

And my reminder to water the plants on a regular basis.

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