Friday, October 29, 2004

Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

This is not my day. Maybe someone killed a fruitfly in Malaysia, and it disrupted the cosmic balance. Whatever the reason, I have been completely out of it all week, and it's all come to a head today.

This morning, the bus doors tried to kill me. Once I wrestled them open, I almost fell off the bus. I don't even know how it happened. One moment, I was on the bus. The next moment, I was hurtling towards the ground. However, my catlike reflexes enabled me to land on my feet.

When I got to work, I showed the security guards my house keys instead of my ID badge. I don't know what I was hoping to accomplish. So then I had to fish through my rather large shoulder bag in search of my ID, while the guard tried not to snicker.

Five minutes ago, my boot heel fell off. I sat down at my desk, and it just slid off the end of my boot. I could probably fix it with SuperGlue, if I had any. Since I don't, I used clear nail polish instead. It works on panty hose, but I don't have very high hopes that it's going to hold my shoe together.

At least it's almost shabbos. And Allan comes into town motzei shabbos, and I haven't seen him since May 2003. Maybe my bad karma is coming to an end.

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