Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Bad Stuff" - Act Three

Scene One: In Which It Begins Again
A couple of months have passed since Mr. Collins said he could no longer speak with Blog. He approaches her one day in a public setting, and asks her the same questions again. Blog repeats even more strongly that she cannot give him more than friendship. She adds that he makes her very uncomfortable and informs him that she screens his calls. Mr. Collins accuses Blog of sending mixed signals. Blog asks Mr. Collins to leave her alone forever.

Scene Two: In Which Blog’s Wishes Are Ignored
Blog and Mr. Collins repeatedly run into each other in public settings. Sometimes Mr. Collins runs away, and Blog is happy. Other times, Mr. Collins approaches Blog. Blog is cold and does not encourage him in the slightest. At one point, Mr. Collins approaches her again and offers to walk her home from a public event. Blog says no. The next day, Mr. Collins asks her when they can talk. Blog flippantly tells him to go away.

Scene Three: In Which Things Become Downright Creepy
Yet a couple more weeks later, Mr. Collins approaches Blog again. He compliments her on her appearance, and asks to speak with Blog. Blog says no. Mr. Collins asks if he should walk away. Blog says yes. Mr. Collins fleetingly touches Blog’s arm, asks her why she does this, and finally walks away. Blog realizes that Mr. Collins will never accept the truth from her, and calls The Professional. She sets up an appointment to discuss the situation with him.

This is where we are right now. Blog will meet The Professional in a couple of days. To be continued...

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