Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Not only am I so distracted by all the “stuff” going on that I’m totally unproductive, but I’m also clumsy. I’ve been dropping things. I spilled coffee all over my coat yesterday. When I got home from work last night, I even put my pajamas on backwards. As they’d say in das Vaterland, mein kopf ist kaputt.

Not all of the “stuff” is bad. Some of it’s pretty darn fantastic. For example, one of my best friends from high school bought her wedding dress yesterday. I now get to go shopping for my first bridesmaid ensemble. And there are other good things which I’m not at liberty to speak about, but will undoubtedly be announced at a future date by the proper authorities.

In reality, there are only two sources of “stuff” about which I can do anything. One situation is awful. The other has the potential to be wonderful. The strangest part is that both have actually been going on for at least a year. Not too long ago, I mistakenly thought that a lot had happened in the past twelve months, because my life really looks nothing like I thought it would. Now I’m starting to think that maybe this past year was just one big distraction, and I’m really standing in the exact same place.

I’m not ready to blog about the potentially wonderful “stuff”. I have too much thinking to do, and none of my thoughts are the slightest bit coherent. But I think I can start blogging about the other “stuff”. Stay tuned.

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