Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Wheels on the Bus

On most mornings, as I ride the bus to work, I close my eyes and try as hard as I can to slip back into the somnolent state which I had been enjoying before my alarm clock so rudely interrupted. This is, of course, assuming that I manage to get a seat. On the mornings when I have to stand and hold on for dear life, lest I topple over and take 50 other hapless commuters down with me, I generally stare out the window and enjoy the pretty scenery. Lake Michigan is fascinating to look at in any type of weather.

This morning, however, I found myself standing next to and chatting with a fellow shul member (and friend of Big Brother’s), which kept me awake enough to notice the bus around me. As we rode along, I found myself pondering two very important questions:

1) Which of the passengers standing near me is the one who smells like mothballs?
2) Why does 40-ish bald man in professional attire have a Carebear attached to his bag?

This led naturally to the companion question, where can I get one? It so happened that this little Carebear was Funshine Bear, who is my favorite Carebear of them all. (Moose Sighting- Two years ago, Moose sent a giant stuffed Funshine Bear to my office as a birthday present. I probably looked pretty silly riding the train home with a bright yellow bear half as big as I am tucked under my arm.)

Tonight I'm going to see Matisyahu perform in Milwaukee, which means I won't get to ride the bus home. I suppose I'll have to wait until tomorrow for another dose of People Who Superficially Seem Stranger Than I Am (hereby dubbed PWSSSTIA).

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