Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cara in CA

As promised, here is a recap of my vacation. I realize that after my previous post, some of you (*cough* Dov Bear *cough*) may be more interested in hearing about the drama I alluded to. Be patient. Some things will become clear. Others will have to remain cryptic, though, because the time is not yet right for me to reveal all. Particularly to some people who may be involved who may also read my blog. But first, my vacation:

Sunday: I arrive in CA around noon, local time. The headache caused by the shrieking child (Note: not crying. Not screaming. Literally shrieking. Ouch.) two rows ahead of me is miraculously cured by the giant bear hug I receive from my aunt. We stop for a cup of coffee, and fill any pauses in conversation by grinning stupidly at each other. We go to the home of her good friends and I pick oranges and tangerines in their backyard. (Note #2: Not only do my friends in Chicago not have citrus trees, but they also don’t have backyards.) We go to the grocery store and pick up things for me to nosh on. We pick up dinner, bring it back to her place, and watch old movies.

Monday: After a light breakfast, we get in the car and drive 30 miles to the Barona sovereign nation (a.k.a. Indian reservation), where we check into the hotel. We proceed to the casino. We go our separate ways. I lose money. We reconvene for a couple of hours. We go back to the casino. I lose more money. I decide that I’m sick of losing money, and go back to our room to watch old movies.

Tuesday: I wake up obscenely early and go back to the casino. I lose more money. Having hit my self-imposed limit on how much I’m willing to lose, I go get a cup of coffee. We depart from Barona around 11am. We drive back into San Diego, and wander around Old Town. It’s full of little stores that look very frontier- General Stores, leather goods, etc. Very cute. We also wander around Bazar Del Mundo, which is full of interesting shops specializing in arts and crafts and other goodies from Spanish-speaking countries. I guess this means the area really should be called Bazar Del Paises Hispanohablantes, but that takes too long to say. In the evening, we go back to my aunt’s place, and watch old movies.

Wednesday: We venture down to Seaport Village, which is probably my favorite part of San Diego. It’s right along the water, and full of great little specialty shops- hats, books, pewter figurines, stuffed animals, mugs, a store that only sells hot sauces and spices, a store for left-handed people, and so on. I ate ice cream in the sunshine, and called Big Brother to brag about it. Later in the afternoon, we went to Point Loma, so that I could look at more pretty scenery. The ocean is very big. I listen to an explanation of the history of Point Loma, but in German. (Note #3: Spanish names sound very funny in a German accent.) We go have dinner, and then go watch old movies.

Thursday: We have breakfast (mmm…crepes!). We go to the Sand Diego Zoo. We have lunch. We go to the airport. We hug. I go home.

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