Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Bad Stuff" - Act Two

Scene One: In Which Blog’s Fears Become Justified
Mr. Collins begins implying that he feels more for Blog than friendship. As Mr. Collins continues to express his admiration, Blog repeatedly insists that she cannot feel more than friendship for him. When Mr. Collins asks for more of an explanation, Blog is forced to admit that she cannot feel attraction for him and never has. She reminds Mr. Collins yet again that he had told her he’d only wanted a friend.

Scene Two: In Which Blog Repeats Herself
Mr. Collins expresses his growing feelings. Blog repeats that she does not share them and cannot share them. Mr. Collins asks what happens if he decides that he wants a romantic relationship. Blog answers that there will never be a romantic relationship. Blog assumes that she has finally been understood and that such questions will cease to exist.

Scene Three: In Which It Seems to End
Mr. Collins asks Blog on a date. Blog says no. Blog repeats everything she’d been saying for the past few months. Mr. Collins asks if she’s sure. Blog repeats her refusal to go on a date. Mr. Collins says he can no longer be her friend. Blog is ok with this.

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