Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend Report

We had a lovely quiet shabbos here in Cara’s World. Dinner and lunch at home with Big Brother and the parental units, both followed by shluffy-time on the sofa with my kitty cats. I meant to read and stretch my brain, but it just didn’t happen (sorry, AZ…).

Motzei shabbos was Denise’s bachelorette celebration, which featured a drag show and a lot of tequila. The drag show really makes you question the definitions of “male” and “female”. I mean, if it looks like a woman, and no longer has a shmeckel, can you call it a man? On the other hand, transexual surgery cannot get rid of a Y chromosome, so can you call it a woman?

On Sunday I ordered my bridesmaid ensemble for Emma’s wedding. I’ll have to go back for a fitting in about a month, but I’m not anticipating any problems. While selecting my ensemble was relatively painless, the store itself was a bit scary. First, the only men in the store were hovering near the cash registers or entrance way. They were undoubtedly even more frightened by the insanity than I was. The entire place was crawling with young women in white dresses and veils and manikins in white dresses and veils. While some of the dresses were fairly pretty, others were alarming. I saw one very pretty girl trying on a dress that had an ankle length skirt made entirely of tulle. So it just puffed out two feet in every direction. While she stood in the mirror beaming at her reflection, I wanted to scream “Noooooooo!” I know that there’s no accounting for taste, but still…

After surviving the bridal store, I made it safely back home, and spent 3 hours on the phone catching up with one of my college roommates. (Mikey, I owe you a phone call…)

Now it’s Monday. Veitur!

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