Friday, January 07, 2005

Maybe the Muslims Are On To Something

There's a guy I sometimes see at the bus stop in the mornings, who works near me and therefore rides my bus. We shall call him Strange Bus Man. Conversations with him tend to be about things I'm not very interested in. He rarely seems to understand what I'm trying to say, but assumes that he understands perfectly. He has a very nervous chuckle which appears at odd times (like after he says, "Good morning." What's funny about saying, "Good morning"?). He's actually a very nice person, but not really the person I want to talk to for a 20 minute bus ride at 8am. Yet anytime he sees me, he always has to come stand next to me, and then sit next to me on the bus. Talking the entire time. (Note: I'm also not much of a morning person, and prefer to spend my morning bus ride in a state somewhere lost between sleep and wakefulness)

Thanks to Chi-town's snowlicious winter, however, I now wait for the bus completely bundled up. The only part of me that's visible is my eyes. So this morning, he didn't recognize me at the bus stop. I was able to spend my entire commute completely silent.

Since I can't seem to find my Invisibility cloak, I'm strongly considering investing in a burqa.

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