Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why Kids Are Cooler Than Grown-Ups

Last night I babysat for the rabbi's kids - two adorable little girls, just shy of ages 4 and 2. When I knocked on the door, I could immediately hear the older girl exclaiming "Big Cara! Big Cara is here!" and the little one (whose name is also Cara, a.k.a. Little Cara) echoing "Big Cara! Big Cara!" The night consisted of making funny faces, playing with beads and Ima's old clothes, a pizza dinner, and watching Cinderella. Conversations began with questions like, "You wanna know what's funny?" and included words of wisdom like, "Yael is a Hebyew, Hebyew name." We giggled, played, ate pizza, and had a grand old time.

Today I'm back at work, where conversations begin with questions like, "Have you done ___ yet?" and include words of wisdom like, "Well, you're still single."

I'd so much rather be watching Cinderella and playing with beads.

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