Monday, June 07, 2004

20/20 Hindsight?

While this is by no means the first time this blog has realized that it does not always remember things to be as they really are (or were), there were two particular moments that stood out yesterday:

1) Softball- This blog remembers itself being decent. Or at least not so awkward on defense. True, this blog hadn't lifted a bat in probably two years, and had never really played catcher before, but still. Some serious practice is needed to match reality to memory.

2) Rollerblading- The new blades were put to use this weekend, with a 4 mile trial before shabbos, and another 4 mile jaunt yesterday. (Technically, it would have been two 2 mile jaunts, as this blog bladed to a friend's place, hung out for an hour or so, and then bladed home in time to catch the season finale of the Sopranos) In the case of rollerblading, this blog is pleased to report that it is much more skilled than it remembered. Not once in those collective 8 miles did it fall. Ok, maybe stumbled a bit, and maybe stopping wasn't always graceful. And there was one moment when this blog came disturbingly close to running over a little old lady. But, in the end, neither the little old lady nor this blog ended up sprawled on the ground.

It kind of leads me to wonder what else I'm better at doing than I previously thought. And what I'm not as good at as I'd like to think.

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