Thursday, June 24, 2004

Things (or People) That Make You Go 'Hmmm...'

I have one particular friend who happens to be incredibly thought-provoking. He probably has no clue that I think of him as such, so we shall call him "Mr. Hmmm" to protect his identity. Almost more than any other friend I have, he has a way of making me look at myself, and the world around me, and try to improve what I see.

Mr. Hmmm made a comment in the past week about Eli and Miryam's splendiferous wedding (my word, not his), about singing (shouting?) "Yerushalayim" as we all danced. At the time, it struck me as well, because there was something so beautiful, so gripping about those moments when the band fell silent, and the only sound you heard was "Yerushalayim" being called out over and over again. Yet, until Mr. Hmmm mentioned it, days later, I had already forgotten about it.

Now it's on my mind again. Perhaps it's because the 3 weeks are approaching, which was the context of Mr. Hmmm's comment. Perhaps its because, only a few days after Tisha B'Av, I'm (finally) going back to Israel. Whatever the reason, the sound of that moment, of "Yerushalayim", is lodged in my head.

And I find myself grateful to Mr. Hmmm for reminding me. Not only because that particular moment was beautiful, and worth holding onto, but also because it made me notice more of the beautiful moments that get tossed in among all the mundane ones, upon which I normally comment. So I think I'm going to follow his excellent example, and get more in the habit of remarking upon the beautiful things in this world. And even though Mr. Hmmm is not in the habit of reading my blog (and, in fact, may not even know it exists), and probably wouldn't even recognize this post as being largely in tribute to him, I still want to say: Thanks.

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