Monday, June 28, 2004

Weekend Report

My weekend rocked. Not because I did anything especially amazing or note-worthy, but precisely because I didn't.

Shabbos was restful, which is as it should be. I took a walk towards my favorite Thinking Place, and read in the sunshine for a while, until I got hungry. Then I went home, ate some yummy fresh fruit, and had a lovely shluffy.

Motzei shabbos was chock full of friends. My high school friend Emily and her fiance Dave were in town, so we went out for a bit. And then I headed over to Bryan's, where I proceeded to sing badly with the many guitars, drink a bit of bourbon, and bond with Leah (who rocks, by the way!). Someday, in the not-too-distant future, please stay tuned for the unveiling of my artistic masterpiece of the weekend: a digital still-life entitled "Bryan". I'm just waiting for it to be emailed from Denmark.

Despite both the Smashers and the Cubbies losing on Sunday, it was still a great day. My much adored aunt is in town, and that alone is wonderful enough to make it a great weekend.

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