Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I think I've Figured It Out...

Last night, I was walking down the street with my friend Erin, and a complete stranger told us that we should be in a soap opera. (I have to give him props for a creative pick-up line. It sure beats whistling, and murmuring "Hey, baby".) Erin and I did what most women would do, and laughed as we continued on our way.

But in the light of day, I find myself thinking about that idea. And it occurs to me that my life is already something like a soap opera. It just needs a bit of tweaking, and a few more glamorous characters. Like the woman who everyone thought was dead, but was really living the good life in the Bahamas with her divorce lawyer, who comes back when she finds out that her ex-husband is about to marry her long-lost twin sister. Then I'll add in the devilish, and devilishly attractive, male nurse, who is actually an undercover detective, willing to use any means necessary to further his investigation of his gorgeous next-door neighbor.

Maybe I should hold auditions.

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