Monday, June 14, 2004

Go, Smashers, Go!

This blog is incredibly pleased to report that the softball team of which it is a proud member won their first game on Sunday. Asher's Smashers scored an awesome 13 runs, while the other team, whose name this blog does not know, scored a puny 8. The Smashers are now 1-1 for the season. Woohoo!

This blog is also pleased to report that it very nearly achieved its current goal for the season: reaching first base. This blog would probably have been safe at first, had the pesky softball not bounced its way to a force-out at second, when there were already 2 outs. But, this blog still played a decent game. As Big Brother said, this blog was "a real trooper."

Stay tuned for more Smashers updates throughout the season.

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