Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

What a long and uneventful weekend! Actually, it was rather nice. My maternal unit and sibling both being out of town (though in different places), I spent a lovely weekend with my parental unit. A quiet shabbos dinner, a relaxing shabbos day, and a very chill motzei shabbos. Monday morning we watched a truly awful movie together (and none of you have heard of it, so it's not worth mentioning in greater detail). The joys of bonding.

Highlight of the weekend: I bought myself new rollerblades. Technically, I bought myself new in-line skates, since "Rollerblade" is the "Kleenex" of sports equipment. There are other brands out there (including the maker of my new skates), but they are all referred to by the name of the one big brand. Why is it that we don't call facial tissues "Puffs"? Or, better yet, "facial tissues"?

Anyway, after about 10 years of using my brother's hand-me-down skates, which I never fully grew into (which results in not-so-pleasant blisters after two miles of blading), I finally purchased a brand-spanking new pair. Mother Nature decided to rain all weekend, making it too slick outside for me to give 'em a try, and this week is so crazy busy that I doubt I'll find time. But they're mine, and now I can delude myself into thinking I'll actually get fresh air and exercise this summer.

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