Friday, June 11, 2004

6th Grade Revisited

I got prank called last night. I really can't remember the last time that happened. And I'm not talking about drunk dials, but an honest-to-goodness prank call.

I should have caught on immediately when the unknown male voice on the other end of my cell phone asked for "Chaya." No one ever calls me that. (Not that I have a problem with it. But I've never really felt like much of a 'Chaya'. More of a 'Chayale' or 'Chaya Na'amah' which is my actul name. But I digress).

It did become clear fairly early on, when this guy (we shall call him "Prank Call Guy") insisted that I gave him my number at some "big shabbos thing" a few weeks back. No I didn't. I don't give my number out very often, so I certainly remember when I do. And I wasn't at some big shabbos thing a few weeks back, unless you count Cleveland. And I didn't give anyone my number then either, and there wasn't anyone there by the name that Prank Call Guy gave me.

There were two other give-aways:

1) the muffled male voice murmuring in the background
2) the way that Prank Call Guy couldn't answer any of my questions. For example:

Blog: So where was this big shabbos thing?
Prank Call Guy: the shul.
Blog: Which shul?
Prank Call Guy: Which shul?
Blog: Yeah, which shul?
Prank Call Guy: Uhhhh...
Blog: Ok, in what city?
Prank Call Guy: What city?...*muffled voice in background* Chicago...*muffled voice in background* Lakeview. You live in Lakeview, right?

After that, it just got silly. The highlights were undoubtedly him offering to send me a naked picture of himself over e-mail and asking repeatedly when our romantic date was going to be.

I'm a Moron Magnet. And I don't even know which particular Moron was behind this.

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