Thursday, April 08, 2004

Did Ya Miss Me?

Probably not, since most of my loyal, fans, were most likely away from their computers for the same reason I was: That Matzah-crunching, macaroon-eating, peanut-free week of craziness we like to call Pesach, or the "Can't I Just Have Some Corn Syrup?" Festival of Joy.

We actually had a lovely yontiv here in Cara's World. A very international one, with guests from Canadia, Costa Rica, and Switzerland. I haven't heard that much German in my parent's home in years. This has always been the time of year for it, though, since my mother and grandmother would slip into German to keep me from knowing what I was getting for my birthday.

But I digress. Which I am completely entitled to do, since this is my blog. But now that I am back at my computer, reminding myself that it is Thursday, and not Monday, I can go search for something more entertaining than matzah to rant about. Veitur!

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