Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Office Etiquette 102

Normally, I like my coffee the way I like my men...straight. (Quick Quiz: From what movie did I take, and alter, that line?) But this is only then the coffee is good coffee, or even moderately palatable. Now, as I said in lesson 101, office coffee usually tastes bad. This means it does qualify as even moderately palatable, and is therefore in need of taste enhancers, a.k.a. cream (or non-dairy creamer which somehow is still dairy) and sugar.

In an office setting, many people use the taste enhancers. This means that when something runs low, it is the responsibility of the last enhancement-user to replace the enhancer in question. In my office, this responsibility seems to always fall on this blog, despite the fact that it's usually someone else who finishes off the sugar packets. This requires this blog (who is one of the shortest in the office, always wearing a skirt, and usually in high heels) to climb on an unsteady chair, haul down a heavy box of sugar packets, fill up the sugar packet repository, replace the box, and climb down. All without inflicting bodily harm.

I tried simply not refilling the sugar packet repository once. I guess no one got the memo that I was making a statement. All that happened was that no one else filled it either, and I had to climb up just to get sugar for myself.

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